Conquest Nords: Ice Jotnar Artisan Series


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Conquest Nords: Ice Jotnar Artisan Series

Ready for the ultimate painting challenge? Then look no further!

Box Contents

●    1 Resin Monster Miniature
●    1 Round Plastic Base (100mm) and 1 Square Base Stand (110mm)
●    1 Command Card

Product Information

●    Assembly: Required.
●    Box size: 30x30x6cm; 300grs
●    Material: Resin
●    Scale: 38mm

Few and far in between, Ice Jotnar are the nobility of their kind and the most powerful of the Jotuns. Gifted with an innate mastery over storm and ice, their massive forms are sheathed in heavy ice and rime allowing them to wade into battle unscathed while conjuring jagged shards of ice from thin air to hurl at their foes until they close distance with their hapless foe. Sapped of his strength and vitality by the aura of unnatural cold that wreathes their titanic forms, foes are easy prey to these massive warriors.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required. Watch it in 3D here.

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