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Figment is a cooperative, narrative card game for children ages 6 and up. Players are required to work closely together and use each other’s individual strengths to defeat classic opponents from medieval fantasy tales and, as a team, prevent the destruction of the mythic kingdom!

Each player chooses one of ten classic and recognizable characters: a knight, a barbarian, an elf, a wizard, a princess, and so on. Each character has a specific combination of skills, represented by colorful icons, that can be used to defeat monsters along the way; stars represent physical might, while books stand for lore and hearts embody social skills. As the right combination of skill icons is required to defeat monsters and eventually dethrone the main villain of the piece. By doing this, children not only see that they differ from the other players, they even need to make good use of the other players’ strengths — and help them cope with their weaknesses — to succeed.

Players start off in the idyllic medieval kingdom, where they’ll confront weaker monsters drawn randomly from a stack of encounters while also traveling from one location to the next. When they feel up to it, certain locations give them access to the evil Shadowrealm, where stronger monsters roam but ancient, powerful magics can also be discovered. In this realm of darkness and shadow, they eventually have to defeat the one, powerful creature who has been organizing the monsters for an all-out assault on the kingdom…

Figment is ideal for young children and was developed in cooperation with educators and elementary school teachers.

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