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A great sorrow has befallen the residents of the kingdom; their beloved princess has fallen deadly ill. Only a potion, brewed from the legendary Mandrago root, can save her. The king offers a reward to the adventurer who can present him this mysterious potion, but time is of the essence! Several heroes leave forthwith for the forest to collect the freshest roots as soon as possible and be the first to return to the king. The players take the role of these adventuring healers who scour the forest for a rare plant — the Mandrago — to save the life of their beloved princess, and the forest also houses a lot of interesting creatures that will aid you in your quest, while others are mischievous and a real hindrance. Who will be the first to return and heal the princess? Mandrago is a challenging game for 2 to 4 players, set in a light-hearted, classical fantasy realm. Mandrago is accessible for all ages, and players will need to rely on both strategy and memory to achieve victory.

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