MTG – Universes Beyond – Doctor Who Commander Deck (set of 4 decks)


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MTG – Universes Beyond – Doctor Who Commander Deck (set of 4 decks)

  • BIGGER INSIDE – Bring your favorite Doctor Who characters, villains, and adventures to life on your tabletop with this Magic: The Gathering Commander Deck; each deck introduces 50 never-before-seen MTG cards, with art and game mechanics based on the popular BBC series
  • TRAVELING THE STARS WITH A GAME THAT FUSES ILLUSTRATIONS, STORY, AND STRATEGY – Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game that weaves deep strategy together with illustrations and mechanics that explore themes of a specific world and story – whether you’re playing a casual game with Play with friends, collect cool cards, or compete, Magic welcomes you to The Gathering
  • EXTERMINATE YOUR OPPONENTS – This ready-to-play deck allows you to jump straight into Magic’s most popular format. Commander turns Magic into a multiplayer experience – an epic battle of strategy and intrigue where everyone fights against everyone else
  • FIGHT AS THE BADIES – The Masters of Evil MTG Commander Deck allows you to team up with the Doctor’s greatest enemies in a 100-card deck featuring popular villains from Doctor Who
  • TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE AND TIME WITH PLANCHEASE – Each deck also includes 10 Planechase cards, each depicting a different place (and time) in the Doctor Who universe; with the world cube you can travel to another place or trigger a chaotic effect!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY AND MORE – Each deck also includes 10 double-faced token cards, 1 life counter, 1 deck box, and a sample collector booster pack that contains 2 special alternate-edge cards, including 1 rare or mythic rare card

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