Antematter Premium Edition


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Antematter Premium Edition

Antematter is a cosmic mashup of space strategy and space poker. Command a crew of space pirates, privateers, and smugglers as you plot a course around the Conflux and rack up a fortune in Nephelium Chips. Then, take your ill-gotten gains and face off in the hands of space-twisted Texas Hold’em. Leverage your crew’s unique abilities to stay one step ahead of your foes and to cheat them out of their chips at the poker table.

Components for Premium Edition:

• Matte Box with Glossy Engine Star
• 6 Metal Pirate Fleets (7 pieces per fleet)
• 6 Metal Planets
• Enhanced Board with Gold Foil Detailing
• 6 Upgraded Crew Decks with Foil Detailing (26 cards per deck)
• 56 Upgraded Card Poker Deck with Glossy Finish
• 15 Upgraded Enigmata Cards with Gold Inlay and Holographic Details
• 200 Nephelium Chips
• Antique Metal Dealer & Turn Marker


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