Batman Miniature Game – Scarecrow Card Pack


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Batman Miniature Game – Scarecrow Card Pack

Objective Card pack from Scarecrow: The Worst Nightmare and Scarecrow’s crew: Trick Or Treat.



* Scarecrow Crew Common Cards:

4 x Boo!

4 x Deepest Fears.

3 x What do you fear?

2 x Endless Torment.

3 x Fear makes you predictable.

2 x Living Nightmare.

2 x Darkness’ Embrace.

3 x It’s ok to be afraid!

2 x Intoxicated by fear.

2 x The dawn comes.

3x Test Patients.


* Character Objective Cards:

1 x State of fear [Scarecrow]

2 x New Compound [Dr. Friitawa]

1 x Deduction [Hugo Strange]


* Other cards:

12 x Fear cards.

1 x Special card (The Fear rules and the Objective Cards Keywords).

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