Dungeons & Lasers – Trees Pack


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Dungeons & Lasers – Trees Pack

Leafy Charms

How would you make your tabletop look more attractive? Here’s the secret ingredient: more trees! This pack of trees will breathe life into your terrain. Plus, you never know when a mischievous squirrel or a sneaky tree spirit might join the fun and add some unexpected twists to your gaming sessions!

– Universal use – Compatible with every RPG system.

– Easy assembly – Cut out and glue the parts with ease!

– Rich in details – So realistic that you can hear the rustle of the forest.

– Clear plastic – One ‘Tree of Spirits’ in the package

– modular design – easily add or remove branches and modify the look of the tree

CONTENTS of Dungeons & Lasers – Trees Pack

– 1x tree of spirits (clear plastic)
– 3x oak tree
– 3x swamp tree
– 3x pine tree

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