Ral Partha – Owlbear in Blister – 11-411


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Ral Partha – Owlbear in Blister – 11-411

This is a very rare piece! The very-hard-to-find Owlbear Variant by Ral Partha from the 11-XXX series.

It is still in its original sealed blister. A word of caution: these 1994 miniatures by Ral Partha contain lead. So, as per the packaging, only suitable for ages 14+. Which makes sense, since a 14 year old couldn’t possibly imagine a miniature being conceived back in 1994 🙂

Own a piece of history with this Ral Partha – Owlbear in Blister. Keep it safe for another 27 years or enjoy painting this legacy in lead ™

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