Tricks & Traps cut out tokens


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Tricks & Traps cut out tokens

Loke BattleMats presents: a ton of cut-out tokens, symbolising traps and other bad news.

Tricks and Traps is a great value accessory to RPG Battle Maps.

25 sheets of laminated cards, featuring hundreds of cut-out tokens. One side features terrain, the other a sprung trap, discovered treasure or other point of interest such as a hidden dungeon entrance.

These cut-out tokens are dry/wet marker safe, and are fully compatible with any 5E scale map.

Perfect to customize or create a bespoke battle map using the terrain art, you have the added option of traps!. The traps can be sprung, and the token flipped, as the party explores, revealing “trick or treat” like surprises. Or of course nothing at all as the terrain can be simply that. Ground!

Keep the party always on their toes as they will never know what lies in wait for them!

Ready to use in mere moments, simply cut out and place and you have a bespoke RPG Battle maps ready to roll!

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