Voratrix Salax, Lord of Unbridled Urges


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Voratrix Salax, Lord of Unbridled Urges

Although distinctly female, Voratrix is a Lord, for she lords over her servitor demons the same way her brethren do, if not more so. They are flesh of her flesh and often return whence they came, in an endless cycle of birth and devourment, a celebration of the primal urges to procreate, feed and excrete.

Deep inside the trenches of her domain’s coppery, sulfuric seas, Voratrix opens the loins at the center of her cephalopod limbs, grinding flesh and bone inside the teethed orifice, receiving pleasure and birthing fearsome, alluring children. For the sons and daughters of the Consuming One are comely indeed – and all share in their mother’s desires.

One of the two most venerable Demon Lords, Voratrix is the exact opposite of Phthisis: down, dirty, gritty and carnal. To her, sensation is everything, be it the pain of amputation in battle or the embrace of a lover. She is lack of restraint and satiation incarnate.

The Consuming One does not merely want to defeat her demonic brethren or usurp their position, she wants to literally devour their minds and bodies and then rebirth them as her own children. Some say she has done so in the past, and that is why younger demons have managed to rise to the rank of Lord. Some say her ultimate goal is to consume the entirety of Hell and remake it not in her own image, but her own flesh…

Collectible miniature for war-games & role-playing tabletops.
Size: 160 mm total
The kit contains 11 parts including a 100mm base.
Material: high quality resin.
Miniature comes unpainted and unassembled.

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