MTG – March of the Machine – The Aftermath – Collector Booster Box


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MTG – March of the Machine – The Aftermath – Collector Booster Box – Preorder! Release scheduled on 12/05/2023

  • 12 March of the Machine: The Aftermath MTG Collector Boosters – full of rares, foils, and special treatments
  • 6 Magic: The Gathering cards + 1 foil token per booster
  • 4 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
  • 5–6 foil cards in every pack
  • Rebuild the Multiverse while building up your collection in this conclusion to the March of the Machine storyline

With the final showdown against the Phyrexians reaching its conclusion, the Multiverse will be forever changed. March of the Machine: The Aftermath not only adds new cards to Standard (and beyond) but also expands on the events of March of the Machine.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Set Code: MAT

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Tabletop Release: May 12, 2023

March of the Machine: The Aftermath is a Standard-legal micro set, and Epilogue Boosters feature five cards each. The set also features a Bundle as well as Collector Boosters packed with the coolest cards, and we’ll show you what the packaging for the Bundle, Epilogue Booster display, and Collector Booster display looks like later

Collector Boosters and Displays

Collector Booster boxes will only contain 12 Collector Boosters where each pack will be 6 cards and a foil double sided token. For each of these packs, you will get 4 cards that are rare or higher and 2 cards that are uncommon. Among them, either all of those cards or all but one of those cards will be foil.

Epilogue Boosters and Displays

An epilogue pack will contain 5 cards and come in display of 24 packs. Each pack will have 1 to 3 cards that are rare or higher and 2 to 4 uncommons. Each of these packs will have 1 or 2 foils.

The Aftermath Bundle

Finally, this bundle will have 8 Epilogue Boosters, 20 foil basic lands, 20 non-foil basic lands, a foil alt-art promo card, a storage box, an oversized spin down life counter, and two reference cards. These bundles will be shipped in a case of 6 total, but should be available for individual purchase.

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