The Terminator RPG – Director’s Pack


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The Terminator RPG – Director’s Pack

Are you looking to run games of ‘The Terminator RPG”? If so this is the Pack for you. It includes a wonderfully illustrated 4-panel GM Screen and a 16 page booklet of quicksheets and inspiration for the budding or experienced ‘The Terminator RPG’ Director (GM). GM Screen Full Color Licenced Product GM Notes Document 4 Panel GM Screen.

The Terminator RPG: Director’s Pack is a companion for the hardboard, four-panel screen containing all the information that you, as the Director, will need for easy reference. Within this booklet you will find three mini campaigns by Matt John and Mark Rapson.

Campaign Seeds

Three mini-campaigns, designed to give the Director a loose framework from which 1-3 Mission sessions may be constructed, are narratively linked to one another.

Director’s Note: A copy of The Terminator RPG rulebook is required to utilise these mini-campaign seeds.

Time War

When reconnaissance teams first discovered evidence of Skynet’s time-displacement technology, Resistance Leadership was understandably concerned. The war was already going badly, and surmounting this new challenge seemed impossible. Almost overnight, John Connor assembled a special unit tasked to confirm the facility’s location, gather intel, and destroy or possibly steal the technology for their own use. It’s a dangerous job with a high turnover rate, but one that is absolutely crucial in fighting the war.

You, Me, or It?

The dogs are agitated and start to growl and bark. Everyone and everything seems right, but the hairs on the back of your neck are telling you otherwise. You back into the shadows as you will the rest of your squad to do the same.

Phased Plasma and Foot Soldiers

The Resistance is closer than ever to securing victory. Skynet’s vulnerabilities have been well documented by Resistance Intelligence and John Connor is preparing for the final push that will smash the defense grid and win the war. But before he can make his move, he needs more soldiers and improved firepower. Since Skynet became fiercely protective of its assets, too many Resistance fighters have been slaughtered while trying to secure them. Bold measures are now more necessary than ever. The three scenarios below represent possible solutions to Connor’s problem.


Similar to the Campaign Seeds, Locations provides descriptions for four locations that Directors may easily build upon: The BlightThe Endless Boneyard, Miracle Park, and Star Fuels.

Network Diagrams

For when a Hack skill roll just won’t do, there’s Network Diagrams! This section provides information on setting up a network, planning the diagram, Skynet’s Threat Analysis Subsystems (TAS). Directors are walked through building their first Network in five easy steps, and then an example of Hacking that same Network is provided.

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