Zombicide 2nd Edition – Urban Legends


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Zombicide 2nd Edition – Urban Legends


The truth is out there… and it’s trying to get you!

You have heard the rumors and you know the stories, but who would have guessed they were all so true and dangerous? The Urban Legends Abomination Pack comes with 4 new Abominations for Zombicide: 2nd Edition that are stuff of nightmares! Each miniature comes with its own Abomination card with special abilities to make them even more dangerous! Will you survive this fight?

Box contents

  • 4 Abomination miniatures
  • 4 Abomination cards


“The truth is out there, barricade the door!”

Some things you should not want to believe. In the initial wave of chaos caused by the zombie outbreak, a few bright survivors decided to storm Area 51, convinced that the truth about the infection would be found there. It wasn’t. Turns out all that was hidden there was really just an alien after all. A pissed off, infected, and powerful alien, who wiped them all out and fled into the night. Tales of a “grey” making survivors disappear quickly spread. Some call it a zombie, some call it a xeno… Does it REALLY matter?

  • Ignores Dark Zones and Night rules for Line of Sight
  • At the end of its Activation, remove from the board 1 Survivor it has LoS to (players choose). At the end of its next Activation, return the Survivor to the same Zone. Another Survivor is then abducted (it can be the same one).


The legends were true, strange things bump in the night. Among them are chupacabras, the famous blood-drinking monsters. I’m eager to add one to my collection. Do I look like a goat to you?

  • The Chupacabra cannot be eliminated as long as it is in a Dark Zone.



“I remember him. He used to lurk on the street corner all day long, laughing like a madman, stalking people, and playing in the sewage. The guy is still both creepy and disgusting. And now, he smells, too!”

  • Survivors cannot use the last Skill they earned through Adrenaline (does not apply to Blue Level Skills).



Of course there are crocodiles in the sewer. Mobsters would say, nothing like a croc’ to take care of “evidence”. These monsters got infected by the zombie plague, though, and aren’t afraid to get out in plain day. Zombie crocodiles will travel far and wide to enjoy their next fresh meal.

  • Give this card to a Survivor at random.
  • The Sewer Crocodile considers the designated Survivor’s Zone as its target Zone, ignoring other Survivors.
  • The Sewer Crocodile has 2 Actions.

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