Secrets of the Lost Station – Miniatures Set


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Secrets of the Lost Station – Miniatures Set

Limited edition – this package includes both the core game and the miniatures box! Miniatures edition includes 108 resin fully assembled miniatures in their own foam case!

Having narrowly escaped from your nemesis, the Ancient Ones, you have sought refuge on a mysterious space station that is badly in need of assistance to repair its systems. You must explore the station to discover powerful technology in the hopes of preparing your team, restore the functions of the Station while uncovering its true power, and battle against the other races that seek to control the Station as a means of ruling the galaxy. Do you have what it takes to survive? Are you ready to reveal the Secrets of the Lost Station?

Secrets of the Lost Station is a cooperative story game of sci-fi, action-adventure, and exploration. It is a highly detailed and unique sequel to Secrets of the Lost Tomb, one thousand years into the future! With a new story and a thematic universe, extending the lore of the Secrets of the Lost Epic Saga, Secrets of the Lost Station will stand on its own, with a completely overhauled yet familiar rule-set and outstanding miniatures.

Players assume the role of the last surviving members of a 4000-year-old secret society known as the Eternal Order of Perseus. Their perpetual mission: to face intergalactic dangers, seek out and collect alien artifacts of immense potential, all to protect humanoids from the otherworldly powers in the fight against their mortal enemy: a primordial race known only as the Great Old Ones. The ancient race that exists only to feed upon the life force of planets, world-killers that must be stopped once and for all…

Each of the game’s Campaign-based Storytelling, Exploration-Driven Scenarios has its own unique theme, flavor, and powerful boss monster bringing you into the rich and detailed world of The Station. Prepare to face Captain De’sotoh, the most feared space pirate captain under the orders of an ancient one. Her leader, Sil’ahan Empress of R’lyeh, strives to impose her will through her Eldritch Forces, and if successful, bring imbalance and chaos to the galaxy! Each scenario within the campaign offers new challenges, fateful choices that will lead your team to thrilling adventures and cliffhangers! As you progress through the self-expanding storyline, player characters will unlock new character abilities as well as new Station powers that make the players more powerful and more prepared for the dangers that lie ahead.


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