Wolfenstein: The Board Game – Old Blood Expansion


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Wolfenstein: The Board Game – Old Blood Expansion

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood offers players four new scenarios that make up a closed prequel campaign with five new heroes and the ability to control your own Mech. It includes two new bosses and three new enemy types that come in two different variants each. Start your campaign in Castle Wolfenstein and find a way to escape while Rudi Jäger is on your back! Navigate through the streets of Wulfburg and discover what the Nazis are secretly working on!

Expansion includes:

• 1 x Mission Book
• 23 x Miniatures
• 1 x Laderoboter
• 87 x Various cards
• 6 x Map tiles
• 6 x Corridor tiles
• 1 x Plastic tray

Expansion includes 24 plastic miniatures which require manual assembly and gluing!

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Wolfenstein: The Boardgame – Old Blood Expansion

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