Warcradle Scenics – Augusta Industrial Set


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Warcradle Scenics – Augusta Industrial Set

On the edge of town sits the industrial district of Augusta. This collection of small factories, warehouses and depots are busy by day and all but abandoned by night. When the sun goes down the dark alleyways and abandoned lots are rife with illicit activity, squatters, and criminal elements. But it doesn’t end there, things move in the shadows, shapes flow just out of the corner of your eye and if you stand very still you can hear a slow rhythmic thrumming of a vast machine beneath your feet…

The Augusta Industrial Set is ideal for 28mm – 35mm skirmish games set in modern, near modern and industrial settings.


1x Augusta Industrial Set:
2x Warehouses
1x Building
1x Shelter
10x Fences
2x Trollies and Crates
1x Bench
13x Train Tracks
2x Factories
4x Train Carriages
4x Crates
2x Barrels
4x Bins
1x Water Tower

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